Safety drive control

In case of fire identification, the safety drive control guarantees the free traveling of the closing areas under line voltage conditions and power failure conditions. 

However, a prerequisite is that it is connected to an emergency power supply for the drive motors of the conveyance system (e.g. abs emergency power supply system).

After the fire identification by the close-off system, the closing area monitoring checks whether the closing area is free. 

If the closing area is occupied, then the conveyance system drives will be actuated – independent of the conveyance system control – and the closing area will be vacated. 

The closing area monitoring by light barriers can be replaced by other suitable measures.

In case of several closures, the free traveling is performed based on the cascade principle, which means that the individual conveyance routes will be vacated one after the other. All closure areas will be vacated in case of a mains failure/power failure; however, the closures remain open. To be able to fulfill this function, the safety drive modules will be installed in the line of the supply lines and the drive motors.