Close-off system “abs -1810”

The close-off system “abs -1810” is designed and approved especially for the use with conveyance system closures and with the general type approval (abG) Z-6.500-2515. It is designed modularly and consists of 2 obligatory and 3 optional modules:

The energy supply provides the voltage for the triggering unit, the control unit, and the motor module as well as all mounting parts.

The triggering unit abs-1810-AE is used for the guideline-conforming triggering of the close-off device. The triggering unit analyses and controls the inputs of all other modules and mounting parts.

The motor module abs-1810-MM is an optional circuit board for the actuation of drives with an integrated close-off device.

The control unit abs-1810-BE is used for the guideline-conforming control of the close-off system. The control unit is only manufactured together with a plastic foil keyboard. The plastic foil keyboard includes a display, control buttons, triggering button, display elements and an insertion window. 

The modes of control, failure and alarm message are displayed using LEDs. Status messages of the system are shown on the display. The control unit can be installed in an external housing next to the closure.

The abs-1810-AP is used to display the signals required in accordance with the guideline if no control unit is connected.

Designation          Manual reopening           Motor driven reopening
Voltage                  230 V AC                             230 V or 400 V AC
Frequency             50 Hz                                   50 Hz
Phase                    L1                                         L1/L2/L3
Neutral wire           N                                           N
conductor              PE                                          PE
Protection              16 A                                       16 A bzw. 25 A
Protection class     IP 40                                      IP 40