Close-off systems abs 9304

The close-off system “abs 9304” is designed and approved especially for the use with conveyance system closures (Z-6.5-1517). It consists of the following components:

Electrical supply for fire alarm, tripping device, close-off device and auxiliary equipment.

Charging board for the separate charging and maintaining power supply of the maintenance-free batteries (2 × 12 V, per 1.2-15.0 Ah each), which are used as a second energy source in the standby parallel operation.

An automatic switch -over to battery mode occurs in case of a power failure. The emergency power supply for the conveyor system must be provided separately.

The plug-in unit is equipped with optical alarm and failure displays as well as a manual tripping. After tripping the system will be reset through the integrated “Reset button”.

The tripping device processes the signals transmitted by the sensors (fire identification elements and light barriers) and trips the connected close-off device. The tripping board is located as a plug-in board in the close-off system BR 9304. When using additional conveyance system closures, then an expansion module AL 3 is required for each closure. It mainly consists of the tripping board.


Designation          Manual reopening           Motor driven reopening
Voltage                  230 V AC                             230 V or 400 V AC
Frequency             50 Hz                                     50 Hz
Phase                    L1                                           L1/L2/L3
Neutral wire           N                                             N
conductor               PE                                          PE
Protection               16 A                                       16 A bzw. 25 A
Protection class      IP 40                                      IP 40